4) If I die Young

“What on earth did you say to her?” Mark and Luke asked upon reaching up to Alex.

“Not really any of your concern now, is it?” Alex shrugged not even bothering to turn. Mark shoved him.

“You bet your ass it is! That chic was petrified after what you said to her and I want to know what you said!” Mark yelled shoving him again.

“Look, as much as I want to indulge you in your self-righteous fit, I can’t. What I said to her is between me and Fiona, now back off and just be happy that I saved us all!” Alex bit out all while trying his best to control his temper and not shove him right back.

“Another thing I’m really torn up about, why are you so afraid of you stupid ex-girlfriend?” Alex groaned.

“Would you let that go, Tamara is crazy and I really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end now stop whining and go home, tomorrow’s Monday, you’ll have a lot of pretending to do!” Alex insisted, leaving them standing there for the second time that day.


Alexander the first lost his wife when his son was three years old and to be completely honest, it irritated him to no end. You see, the main reason why he'd gotten married in the first place was so that he wouldn't have to deal with things like that. Then the idiot just had to go and get herself sick. Who on earth dies from something as stupid as cholera?

If she'd just listened to him/obeyed him and not gotten a job at that trashy restaurant then maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't have caught the disease. According to her, she wanted to help him out with the bills. Like he needed any help. He was a man and men provide for their families. At the time, he was really making headway with his butchery. He was even planning on taking out a loan so that he could build a small restaurant where he'd hire some people to cook and sell the meat but all that had to be put on hold so that he could raise his little boy.

When Alexander junior turned five, Alexander senior decided that he was all grown up so he taught him his first life skill: how to slaughter chicken. Quick learner that one. He could almost remember vividly when little Alex came running into the butchery screaming "Dad! Dad! Look, I did it! I did it!" And in his hand was his first bird head. He was so proud, he picked him up and spun him around. In fact he was so happy, he took a photograph, framed it and hung it over the checkout counter.

He wanted everyone to see just how proud of him he was. His little prodigy. Now fourteen years later and his son no longer wanted to take over, he wanted to be a doctor. He knew that he should have been extremely proud of his son but a nagging feeling was telling him that junior was ashamed of being the butcher's son. He no longer wanted to take over his legacy.



Alex walked into his house to find his father angry out of his mind waiting for him. His eyes fell on the sink and they almost burst out of his head. ‘Oh shit’ he thought. After his mother had died from Cholera, his father had been a huge pain in the ass about cleaning up after himself.

He placed his bag down, pulled off his shoes and proceeded over to the kitchen without another word.

"I want you to do your room and the living room next! I will not tolerate such kind of behavior!" His father barked. He desperately wanted to clap back at his father but the last time he'd done that, he'd gotten a beating he'd never forget. He may have been a big guy but he was nothing compared to his father. His motto was: you want to act like a criminal then I'll treat you like a criminal.

"And don't think that you'll be off the hook for missing your shift at the restaurant," he continued.

The stupid restaurant+butchery again? Alex understood that his father considered that the best idea he'd ever had and it was true, that thing was a gold mine but it had absolutely no appeal to him.

Maybe it did when he was seven or so but for now he just wanted to pack his bags and leave it all behind; and as much as he liked slaughtering animals, he wanted something more prestigious like cutting people open.

His father made just enough money to send him to a private school but when everyone else there is bathing in money then it's hard not to want more for yourself.

"I heard that you and your little girlfriend broke up," his father prodded.

"Yeah, she dumped me," Alex said softly.

"If it's any consolation, I never really liked her," he encouraged.

"It's not but thanks dad."

"Okay but for the love of my sanity, don't forget to clean up after yourself again, you know how crazy dirt makes me."

"Yeah, sure, sorry dad," he said quickly cause as much as he liked bonding with his father, he didn't fancy talking about his bitch of an ex-girlfriend with anyone especially after what they'd done.

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