3) Down So Low

In all his life, Mark had never seen Alex or anyone for that matter, as terrified as Alex had been that morning. His initial shock turned into concern when he spotted Alex fidgeting.

“Alex is really freaking me out,” he whispered to Luke.

“Me too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him afraid of anything in my life……ever.”

“What on earth did Tamara do to him?” Mark murmured back.

“What do you mean?” Luke asked confused.

“Well, she must have done something for him to react like this.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Alex sneaked up on them and they were so surprised that Mark jumped and Luke yelped.

“Why are you on edge?” he asked them.

“You freaked us out earlier,” Mark lied smoothly.

“Good,” Alex said firmly, “you needed to understand the gravity of the situation.”

“Are you okay?” Mark asked.

“I will be, once this is over,” Alex said and walked ahead. Mark and Luke looked after him in shock.

Fiona would not budge and it irritated Alex to no end. He had never been that irritated by a woman before. He was even more irritated with her than he’d been with Tamara when she wouldn’t see reason and take him back. Now he just wanted to place his hands on Fiona’s neck and squeeze her hard enough to send her to the brink of death, just so that she’d be so freaked out, that she'd pull the video down. It was moments like those that he understood why his friends insisted that they wanted him to go for anger management classes.

Mark and Luke could see that their friend was getting agitated and they wanted to get in between him and Fiona but he calmly asked them to give him a minute alone with Fiona.

“Why?” Mark asked. He didn’t want a dead girl on his conscience.

“I want to blackmail her but I don’t want you guys to hear.”

“Why not?”

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t know about this,” he said in a tone that was so final, they didn’t bother arguing any further. A loud crash from the house made them rush back inside.

“What did you do?” Mark asked once he spotted Fiona on the floor.

“She wouldn’t budge!” Alex exclaimed.

“So you killed her?” Luke asked closing the door and drawing the curtains.

“Don’t be overdramatic! She’s not dead!” Alex scoffed.

“Yeah sure cause that makes it all better.”

“Would you guys quit whining and help me tie her up to that seat?” Alex asked picking her up.


“I’m going to try and make her pull down the video!”

Mark groaned in frustration.

“Again with the video?”

“We are not going to have the same argument we had back at my house! I can’t leave Fiona without making sure that she pulls down that video.”

“Many would think that you’d be concerned with the fact that she might send you to jail!”

“Jail? Why jail?” Alex asked confused all while wrapping a rope round Fiona.

“You hit an innocent girl on the head,” Mark said in an incredulous tone.

“Fiona’s hardly innocent,” Alex scoffed. When Fiona came to a couple of minutes later. She started screaming.

“What did you freaks do to me?!” she yelled.

"I need you to take down that video!" Alex said to her.


"The video, I want it taken down."

"Again with the video? What's so important about it?" Fiona asked, mildly irritated.

"That's not your concern now, is it?"

"I doubt Tamara will care that you were celebrating in a bar, barely a day after she dumped your ass," Fiona scorned and it took all of Alex's strength not to slap her silly.

"Would you just take down the video?" he pleaded.

"Or what?" she said.

"You do not want to find out or what?"

"No, I really do." Alex realised that Fiona was just stalling so he walked up to her and shoved his hands into her pants to look for her phone.

"Get away from me you freak!" she screamed squirming around. When Alex finally got it, he forcibly used her thumb to unlock the phone and deleted the video off her website and phone storage.

“Now, here's what you're going to say,” Alex began, “You fell down while I was talking to you; you probably fainted since you’ve not been eating well; I know that you're trying to watch your weight.”

“That’s not true! You hit me! You hit me you psycho!” she screamed.

“No, that is not what you’re going to say….” He was about to repeat the lie she was to give but she interrupted him.

“No! I’m going to report you, you freak!” she screamed. Alex moved closer to her and placed his nose right next to hers. All Mark and Luke heard after that was a sharp breath intake from Fiona.

“If you report me,” he began and Mark and Luke were anticipating his next words but he leaned into Fiona’s ear and murmured quietly. Mark and Luke watched Fiona’s face metamorphose from arrogance to fear to downright terror.

Alex then got up and smirked down at her terrified face. He then untied her and walked out the door leaving Mark and Luke just standing there, dumbfounded out of their minds!

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