2) Dangerous

Alex woke up to a prodding on his lower back.

‘Probably my phone,’ he thought. He fished around and came into contact with something much larger and much more pointed than his phone. He held it in his hand and reality hit him like a bucket of cold water. He got up; fast.

He took out the crown from underneath his covers, placed it on his bedside table and grabbed his phone. A sharp pain shot through his head, reminding him exactly why alcohol was not a recommended energy drink. He got out of bed and went rummaging the bathroom cabinets for aspirin. He washed his face and went back into his room and reality hit him for the second time that morning. Why on earth did he have Tamara’s ugly crown? The last thing he could remember was the bouncer at the club that they’d sneaked into. He called Luke.

“Why do I have Tamara’s crown?” he asked him.

“You don’t remember?”

“Remember what?” he asked confused.

“I’m coming over!” Luke said and hanged up. Alex groaned in frustration. He’d clearly called the wrong friend.

Luke showed up half an hour later, Mark in tow to find an anxious Alex.

“What is up with you?” Mark asked him.

“When and why did I take Tamara’s crown?” he asked them.

“You wanted to punish her for dumping you the way she did,” Luke shrugged.

“And you let me?” he asked them.

“Let you? It was your idea. You were pretty convinced.”

“I was drunk!” Alex exclaimed.

“So were we,” Luke said softly, he didn’t fancy being on the receiving end of Alex’s fist.

“What’s the big deal anyway? It’s just a stupid crown,” Mark said.

“I highly doubt that. She treats this thing like a baby. It must mean something to her.”

“Since when are you afraid of Tamara?” Luke asked confused.

“She’s a freak and it’s not just her that worries me, it’s her father too; he doesn’t appreciate it when people mess with his daughters.”

“Couldn’t you have said that yesterday when we took it?”

“I was drunk!” he exclaimed yet again.

“We’ll just return it.”

“No! We can’t go back to the crime scene; we can’t let them find out that we took it.”

“I’m guessing they already know,” Mark shrugged and Alex turned to him so abruptly that he flinched.

“What? Why?” he asked urgently.

“We went for karaoke like right after and you insisted on wearing the crown while singing, might I say, a terrible rendition of Rehab," Mark complained.

“So? Nobody knows us there.”

“Fiona was there; she took a video and posted it on her website.”

“Why didn’t you stop me?” he barked.

“Dude,” Luke began alarmed, “you need to step back before you kill somebody.” Alex rubbed his face in frustration and stepped back.

“What are we going to do?” he asked his friends.

“I think you’re just blowing this out of proportion, she can’t do shit to you, she’ll just have to apologize and then you can give her her crown back.”

“She can’t do shit? She can’t do shit? We are talking about the girl who dug a tunnel through her house under her own father’s nose. A father who scares the hairs off of me by the way.”

“Dude, it’s just a stupid crown!” Mark said, already fed up by Alex’s behavior.

“One, stop calling me dude, it makes me feel as if you think that you think that I’m overreacting,” Mark raised his hands in mock surrender, “You should see how she treats that thing then you’d understand why I’m behaving the way I am; we have to find a way to take it back or a way in which she never finds out that I took it.”

“I didn’t like your girlfriend but I wouldn’t say that she scares me and I’m a pretty small guy, what about you? You chop animals’ bones for a living, you’ll be fine. Just take a picture with the crown and post it on your Instagram account and then inbox her and tell her that she should apologize if she wants it back.” Luke said.

Alex rubbed his face in frustration.

“I don’t think we’re speaking the same language here, she is a witch. She will murder me if she finds out I took it. I wasn’t even allowed to touch it; she’s a psychopath and she’s going to eat our heads.”

“I have never seen you afraid of anything ever in my life, this is weird and very alarming,” Mark said. Alex narrowed his eyes at him silencing him completely.

“It doesn’t matter what we do, everybody watches Fiona’s videos.”

“Not Tamara; Pauline watches them and if there’s anything interesting on them she tells Tamara about it.”

“That’s depreciating.”

“You’re telling me?” Mark then logged into Fiona’s website and it only had a couple of views.

“People haven’t watched it yet; they’re probably all hangover.”

“We can delete it from her account.”

“And how are we supposed to do that?” Luke asked.

“We just need to find her log in password from her email. We need to steal her phone.” Mark and Luke gave him a look that implied that they thought that he'd completely lost his mind.

“You want us to steal a phone from a blogger? Are you insane? They never let those things go.” Luke asked in an incredulous tone.

“We are going to be her next subject if we don’t do this. I can almost see it; what happens when idiots rob the wrong person.”

“Nothing is going to happen to us!” Mark yelled.

“I’m not taking that chance; pick your stuff, we’re going to Fiona’s; I have a plan.”

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